Friday, February 12, 2010

An Affinity for Infinity

Mathematicians are playas. They'll roll right up on yo function and be all like "Yo Effavex, why don't you climb up into my ti-89."  And yo function will usually put out--some real number.  They won't stick with that same function either, cuz they'll derive it crazy.

When I was 18, like most 18 year-olds, I was insecure. Most of my responses to people included the words "I know."  Here's a hint, If most of your responses to people include the words "I know," then you probably aren't letting yourself learn anything and therefore don't know.  At an older age I have learned to suck up my pride.  Sure I am smart, but that means I am smart enough to abuse the resources afforded me.  At 18 I was dumb enough to think I was smart enough to not need those resources. 

So, maybe I understand my analysis class better than most, and maybe I am better at proof writing.  This doesn't change the fact that I suck at arithmetic and sometimes need a reminder that 1/X is greater than X where X<1 (Oh David, you mathematical moron, you).  There is no learning in pretense.  Although there is, and I know there is because I have got it, pretense in learning. 

Even the biggest players need a wing-man from time to time.  For this reason I'm starting a study group for my analysis class. Oh the white boards we will fill to a montage that will result in slow-mo high-fives . . .  I can't wait.

crap!  I got a-sub-n all over this shirt, I should change.


  1. I want that mirror Dave. Fedex it to me.

  2. I'm glad you realize your high-school douchiness. And on that note...

    Re: your comment,

    How is it a six, if Vegas is only a five? HA HA HA jk, bro! You know I loves me some Vegas.

  3. Also, I don't understand that Photoshop site that you have listed. I'm not very artistic, so maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find anything wrong with those photos. Please help.